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 Hardware supplies in Fairmont, MN

We carry a great range of farm and hardware supplies in Fairmont, MN

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New Paint Department

Hardware Supplies Fairmont, MN
Hardware supplies Fairmont, MN


New Valspar rainbow-inspired chip rack featuring 580 shades that focus on tried-and-true colors, which offers flowing blocks of bright, muted, and neutral shades arranged in recognizable color families. If you are a Color Confident Consumer these are the colors for you!

The Paint Studio

Fleet and Farm Supply's new Paint Studio featuring Valspar and Clark and Kensington paints.
Hardware supplies Fairmont, MN
Hardware supplies Fairmont, MN
New Clark and Kensington paint chip collection features color quadrants that make finding the right color easier. Our new display features 1,136 colors divided out into warm and cool, and muted and bright, which helps minimize your anxiety about finding the right color!

Clark and Kensington

Also we offer an extra palette of Clark and Kensington colors that features 120 gorgeous colors that work together to make selecting your paint colors easy. This rack of color chips offers inspirational panoramic room scenes paired with large color swatches which gives you the color you are looking for without feeling overwhelmed


 New Valspar "Timeless Trios" color boutique features three contemporary style-inspired themes. For all of you color anxious shoppers out there this rack offers 54 additional colors curated into expertly coordinated, easy to shop color trios!

Fleet & Farm Supply Ace Hardware is a local store that offers a vast range of farm and hardware supplies, from work clothing to auto parts to building supplies. We work hard to meet the needs of our clientele, so if you're not sure exactly what you require for your project, we're happy to help.
Visit us in Fairmont, MN today for all your hardware supplies. We take pride in making sure people in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa have the top-quality products they need to tackle any job!


Our store stocks the best in tools, clothing, and products. Our farm and hardware supplies are always affordably priced, and we stand behind the performance of the products we offer! Our inventory includes:
• Ace paint (both inside and outside paint) and paint supplies
• Plumbing, electrical, and farm supplies
• Welding equipment and supplies
• Automobile parts
• Work clothing and boots (featuring Carhartt Clothing, Ariat & Redwing Boots)
As a local business that has been in Fairmont for over 50 years, our aim is, and always has been, to provide members of our community with premium products that will stand the test of time. 


Fleet & Farm Supply Ace Hardware is a locally owned and operated business that was established more than five decades ago. We have stayed in business for so long because our store is committed to serving and helping our local community with quality products and service.
Our store stocks all of the hardware supplies, farm supplies, work clothing, and everything else that contractors, farmers, homeowners, and others need! With us, you will always be buying the best. And if you have questions, our helpful staff is ready to put their expertise at your disposal.
For more info, please contact us in Fairmont today. We look forward to serving you!
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We're hosting an open house for Stihl on April 24-25.
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